About us

Joy's Birth is a men-only traditional Barbershop that aims to provide the highest quality service, specialized in Oldschool/Classic haircuts and Hot towel shaves.

The whole project idea begins in 2012 by Vasilis Serafetinidis and Nina Kavvatha by creating their own team, started as a hairdressers. Soon they figured out which side of the industry they loved the most, and where their skills were best suited.



"When we first started doing what we love, we stated that we will never work for something that doesn’t represent us and what we are all about, which is bring to the world our perception, our culture and our way of life.
The old classic shapes, we think are not consumed over time, and so through our point of view they will be the ones making the world a more beautiful place".


 Vasilis   Nina   Panos   Dimitris